Colonial Life Insurance

RCC 2014 Open Enrollment Information


Colonial Life in alliance with Rogue Community College offers additional voluntary benefits to enhance your overall benefit package.

Please click on "RCC.doc" located below.  Print the page, check your desired interests, provide your contact information and fax it to Kate @ 541-772-1312. Or look for a sign up sheet to have a 1 on 1 meeting with a Benefits Counselor at your location.  If you elect not to participate, please print the form, sign the waiver section and return it to Kate by fax (541-772-1312) or by email 

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Colonial Life Products Offered through RCC 

Disability Income Insurance: What if you were unable to work due to an accident or sickness?

Accident Insurance: Does your family participate in an active lifestyle that could lead to injury? 

Cancer Insurance: Are you at risk for cancer?  Do you have a family history or do you smoke? 

Critical Illness Insurance: Could you survive financially if you were struck with a critical illness?

Medical Bridge: Do you need a way to bridge the gap of your medical plan and hospital deductibles?

Term and Universal Life Insurance: A variety of life insurance plans are available with flexible premium payments and coverage amounts. 

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708 Cardley Ave, Medford, OR | 541-772-4225

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