It is difficult to provide exact premiums because of the variables use to determine premiums; Product type, Age Banded, Income, Underwriting, Industry Ratings, etc.


Accident:  Three levels (Basic $14.44/mo., Preferred $19.00/mo., & Premium $24.36/mo.) the primary difference is in the amount of benefit.  There are multiple riders that may be added for individual needs, i.e. Short Term Disability rider for a spouse.

Short Term Disability:  DI 1000 is an individual voluntary product w/o participation requirements. Examples of someone 45 years old, with a $1000/mo. For 6 months benefit, 0/14 day wait period, AAA industry rating. The premium would be approx. $25.00/mo.



 Cancer 1000:  There are 4 levels starting at $11.50/mo.  Level 3 is $26.50/mo. And includes an annual Wellness benefit of $100.00; again the primary differences are in the amount of benefits paid out.

Medical Bridge 3000:  Hospital Confinement/Out-Patient Surgery plan.  Example; 49 years old, $1000 Hospitalization benefit and $1000 and $2000 Out-Patient surgery benefit is approximately $25.00/mo.  These plans can vary from $500-$3000 benefits.  Five plans with multiple variations, premiums on the low end $12.00/mo.


Critical Illness:  Multiple plans, with benefit amounts of $5000.00-$100,000.00.  Example Non-tobacco, 17-24 years old, the rate is .24/$1000 of benefit.  Someone 40 years old, the rate is .79/$1000 of benefit.


These are examples only.


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